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Details : Nasi Kandar Pelita
Nasi Kandar Pelita

Nasi Kandar Restaurant | Details
Details : Restoran Mangkuk Ayam
Restoran Mangkuk Ayam

halal malay + chinese dishes | Details
Details : Jang Asam Pedas Power stall
Jang Asam Pedas Power stall

they serve nasi lemak with green-tinged rice

Details : Simple Box
Simple Box

most exciting Indian restaurants in Cyberjaya,harmonious marriage of Indian, Mexican, Italian and local ingredients.... | Details
Details : Bawal Power Sempoi Cyberjaya
Bawal Power Sempoi Cyberjaya

Malay BBQ squid/fish stall in Cyberjaya | Details
Details : Campur Campur Kitchen
Campur Campur Kitchen

Campur Campur Kitchen | Details
Details : All In All Restaurant
All In All Restaurant

indian mix rice, Banana leaf rice | Details
Details : Restoran Punjabi Junction
Restoran Punjabi Junction

opened around April 2018 | Details
Details : Tae Yang Island
Tae Yang Island

korean food | Details
Details : Green Chillies Restaurant
Green Chillies Restaurant

Hyderabab restaurant serving briyani beriani rice etc | Details
Details : The Biryani Pot
The Biryani Pot

Briyani rice Beriani | Details
Details : Star Banana Leaf
Star Banana Leaf

Banana leaf in Cyberjaya | Details
Details : Mango Chutney
Mango Chutney

Indian mixed rice restaurant | Details
Details : Salam Noodle
Salam Noodle

China Muslim noodles, halal | Details
Details : Restoran Maju Utama
Restoran Maju Utama

Mamak food, halal | Details
Details : Tokio Cafe
Tokio Cafe

japanese cafe fusion with western cuisine | Details
Details : Dash Box Hotel
Dash Box Hotel

Hotel in Cyberjaya. Their email:

Blogged in... | Details
Details : Popilla

Tex Mex food in Cyberjaya | Details
Details : Restoran Delhi Grill
Restoran Delhi Grill

paratha, tandoori etc Indian food | Details
Details : Tang Lung
Tang Lung

Chinese cantonese restaurant in Cyberjaya | Details
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